Month: July 2017

Pink Salmon: more

A Pink Salmon has now been reported on the Tyne.

The latest advice from the EA is: if a Pink Salmon is caught :

Retain the Fish / Inform the EA and if possible provide as much of the following: length, weight, scales and muscle/fin clips.

Enjoy and Stay Safe

The main summer holidays have arrived and whether you’re taking a family holiday, going on a fishing trip of fishing locally it’s probably a good time to brush up on safety for anglers and their families.

Please take a look at our page FOR YOUR SAFETY , found under the heading ABOUT W&DAC for a little information. It’s a good time to pay attention to Lyme Disease if you’re going to be out and about in trees, long grass or the like.

Lyme Disease.

This is usually transmitted by the bite of the Black Legged Tick; also known as the Deer Tick.

Ticks could be present in fields and on the riverbank in long grasses, on trees and bushes waiting for deer or an angler to brush through. They may attach themselves to exposed areas of skin and can cause serious illness. Check for ticks and if found remove the tick using tweezers and disinfect the affected area.

Report any unexplained fever or rash (bull’s eye shape) at the bite site to your doctor as soon as possible.

Giant Hog Weed.

Be sure to keep away from Giant Hog Weed, this is a nasty plant which can cause serious problems.





Etiquette on the River.

We have enjoyed some good water in the last couple of weeks with decent runs of migratory fish bringing salmon and sea-trout rods out.

We are asked from time to time about correct etiquette, which generally means that an angler feels someone else could have done better. This then is a good time to remind anglers of etiquette on the river.

The basis of all etiquette is to be polite and considerate to other anglers and to always use common sense. There are many situations for which we could have codes of etiquette, the most common for is fishing a pool.

The basic rules of fishing a pool are very simple:

  • If someone else is fishing a pool always start upstream at a sensible distance unless you are invited to start below. This applies to all forms, fly, spinner, etc.
  • Never hog a pool.
  • Always practice CAST and STEP (or step and cast if you prefer). After each cast take a step downstream. This should be a real step not a small shuffle. 
  • Where an angler is unable to follow this, perhaps through health or fitness issues then invite any following angler to pass.
  • Etiquette applies equally to anglers fishing from both banks.

Most situations are a matter of common sense and consideration for others but following these basic rules makes fishing more enjoyable for everyone.

A few additional thoughts include:

Do not wade too deep you may be standing where salmon lie. Occasionally you may have to wade deep (but close to your bank) to have space for the cast but wade no further than is needed to cast and do not wade to reach further.

Its good to offer to land a fish for another angler but never do so without agreement, it may be that landing the fish individually is part of that anglers pleasure.

Casting Tuition at Jubilee Lakes.

Did you get the chance to take an hours coaching with Jim Fearn from Rio.

Jubilee lakes ran some excellent one to one coaching sessions with Jim Fearn recently. They proved very popular with a one hour session costing just £30.

If you want to improve your chances of getting hold of one of these …

It is planned that Jim will be back in September, whether you want to polish up your casting skills, improve your single handed casting, learn to cast a double-hander or get yourself in tip top order for the back end fishing Jim will be back.

Take one to one coaching or visit the next open day.

As soon as we have the dates confirmed we will let you know right here or keep an eye on the anglers Lodge at Jubilee Lakes site for more news.

Dr Chesters Trophy ( Sponsored by Angler’s Lodge at Jubilee Lakes)

And the winner is …

WinnerDespite needing to re-arrange the competition because of water conditions we enjoyed an excellent turn out on Sunday.

Strangely the majority of fish caught on the day were Graying but come weigh in time our winner with a fish of 1lb 1oz was the defending champion.

Trevor Conway is seen here receiving the Dr Chesters Trophy from club secretary Shaun O’Dowd.

Well done Trevor.

Do you think you can topple Trevor next year? Why not give it a go? Put the 1st Sunday of July 2018 in your diary now, plan to have a great session (from 3:00 to 8:00pm) and just turn up at Jubilee Car park. Anyone could win so come along and do your best to make sure it’s not three in a row for the defending champ. Sorry Trevor.

Keeping you informed.

One or two people have commented that they did not know the competition was taking place. To avoid missing out on our up-dates please be sure that the club has your e-mail address and follow this site. We will be e-mailing news and reminders, plus posting everything you need to know right here. 

Remember Sunday July 1st 2018. 3:00pm to 8:00pm. meet at the Jubilee Bridge car park. 




Pink Salmon

The issue of Pink Salmon has raised it’s head again.

The fish pictured above, which was featured previously here, was caught at Chester-Le-Street, Stories have appeared in the press now about Pink Salmon being caught in the Ness system.

Pink Salmon 

We repeat the advice of the authorities at the time of the Chester-Le-Street catch.

Pink Salmon is a non-native invasive species. Any fish caught should be killed and reported to the Environment Agency.

If in doubt, please remember:  Mink, Red Clawed American Cray Fish, Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knot Weed, among others, were all introduced to this country as non-native species which seemed like a good idea at the time.

They are all now proving to be hugely problematic and impossible to eradicate. The time to act on Pink Salmon is now, BEFORE not AFTER they become established.

Beating the Balsam

Before and after.

Many thanks to whoever pulled up this stand of Himalayan Balsam, it may not look like much but every little really does help. Each patch cleared is a patch of bank with a little extra protection for the next floods.

You too can make a difference, just spend 5 minutes pulling up some Balsam plants, snap the stems and pile them up like this. You’ll be surprised how easy it is and how much you can do in just 5 minutes.

It looks like a huge task but if everyone can do their little bit we CAN BEAT BALSAM.

Thanks once again to this Balsam Basher.

Weather and River Levels

Whether the weather be wet …

We have a lift in river levels once again with the fresh rain this week. So whether you’re interested in good river conditions for Trout fishing or whether you’re interest is water to bring in migratory fish you can keep up to date with the Met Office weather forecast and river levels on this site.

Whether you’re fishing locally or planning a trip to other waters the information is right here for you. We provide links to the Met Office weather forecast and EA River Levels at the side of this page.

Whether the weather be local or whether the weather be not … check here in advance, there’s no need to be washed out by the weather at you’re chosen spot.