Month: September 2014

Sea Trout 1 Grayling 2

The Grayling seem very active but a little confused. There have been increased numbers of Grayling caught recently on Willington waters at a time when the Sea Trout action has been quiet.

Having had a Sea Trout (3lb ish) just before dark it seemed like a good night ahead when I lifted into another fish. This time though it was a Grayling of about 14 inches, followed a little while later by a second slightly smaller.

How about that, 2 Grayling taken after dark on traditional Sea Trout flies, an Alexandra and a Dunkeld.

Great Trout Action, Grayling too !

Well, the Brownies continue to provide great sport. With just a few weeks of the trout season remaining the fish seem determined to keep up the action, and increasing numbers of Grayling are getting in on the action too.

We’ve enjoyed some top quality sport with excellent fish this year. A number of brownies over 2lb have been reported with many well above the 1lb mark.  The stockies have held well which has helped massively. While the river remains low and we wait for good numbers of Salmon and Sea Trout we have 3 weeks of good Brown Trout sport to make the most of.

Upstream Fish Counts

Follow the link at the side of the page to EA Upstream fish counts.

The August figures for fish passing through the fish counter at Framwellgate Bridge have been added. Just over two thousand fish for the month, pretty disappointing but given the water levels perhaps not altogether unexpected.

Use this link to keep up to date with upstream fish movement, update monthly with figures also available as a daily breakdown and for the Tyne.