Month: February 2018

Season 2018/19

The club AGM took place earlier this month, an overview of the main pints is provided here.

There will be no increase in the membership fees, therefore the fees for the upcoming 2018 season can be viewed in the Membership section of this site;

A change was made to junior fees in the hope that we can help to attract and retain more young anglers.

Juniors under age of 11 years – NO FEE however they must be registered with the club and accompanied by a senior member.

Juniors aged 11 to 16 years – £10

Juniors aged 16 to 18 years

Fees will be taken at the Willington Cricket Club on Tuesday 6th March, between 7:15pm and 9:30pm. Alternatively by post to the above address. Please enclose a stamped addressed 8”x6” envelope, plus a cheque or postal order made payable to Willington and District Angling Club. There will be a £5 late payment fee. This will be applied to ALL existing members not renewing on or before 22nd March 2018. New members will still be subject to a £10 joining fee.

Members are reminded that to complete the renewal slip which can be found in the 2017 membership book , any changes of details to be accompanied by a completed application for to allow club to update its records.

Please try to avoid house calls for permits. In the event that members are unable to contact the secretary regarding membership etc, please contact the treasurer.

The Officials and Committee were re-elected unopposed.

Club trophies – it has been decided to house all trophies in one venue this is to avoid losing trophies when members leave the club or fail to return them.

Key Ring/Fob – The club is to introduce a key ring /fob to all members, the idea is for this to be worn on a jacket/ vest to assist in identifying members. It will match the colour of the current rule book and should reduce the need to club bailiffs to be constantly checking permits.

The club is also looking to hold an open day in order to generate additional interest in the club and prospective new members, further details of this will be posted on the club website once finalised.

Clarification of Rules: to avoid confusion the wording of Rule 16a to be amended.

Rule 16a Maximum of ONE shank with a maximum of 3 hook points will be permitted when spinning this is to include Rapala type lures. AT ALL TIMES (i.e ONE hook per lure which maybe a one treble hook or one double hook or one single hook).

The club is also looking for volunteers for bank work. Any member willing to assist in future works please contact the Secretary. Please visit the clubs website for up to date information throughout the year.

Dates for the Diary. Dr. Chesters Trophy Senior Competition – 1st Sunday in July. See Page 7 of the Rule Book. This will again be sponsored by the Anglers Lodge at Jubilee Lakes. K.D. Johnson Trophy – To be provisionally held at Tunstall Reservoir, providing the venue is available, Fly Only Sunday 19th August 2017, from 8am to 5pm. However should the venue be unavailable an alternative will be arranged and details posted on the clubs website. See Page 8 of the Rule Book. please inform the Secretary if you intend to fish this competition, or require further information. Junior Competition – 2nd Sunday in May. See Page 8 of the Rule Book. Please mark these dates in your Diary.

Stocking: The club is to again restock the river with 500 10” to 12” Brown Trout. (Again these fish will be Triploids to conform to the EA ruling.) These fish will be marked with a clipped adipose fin to assist in identification. We would encourage members who wish to take any fish to only keep the fish identified with the clipped adipose fin and where possible return all fish that are not marked to try and preserve the breeding stocks of the river.

Will club members also please fill in their catch returns, this is a valuable source of information for the club and assists in the monitoring of fish stocks. This includes Trout, Sea Trout, Salmon and Grayling. Also any members who are fishing any of the ponds, catch reports for these would also be welcome