Month: March 2015

Quick Reminder

Don’t get caught out with a late fee, membership renewals will be taken again at the Prospect Club on Tuesday evening. Prices have been held at the 2014 levels for another year. This is incredibly good value fishing for an amazingly low price.

DSCN0318[1]  New members always welcome, including Season Permits  available to anglers from outside the old Wear Valley District  area.

Membership Renewals

Many thanks to those members who took the opportunity to renew memberships last night and a warm welcome to new and returning members.

For those who were unable come along last night another opportunity is available next week. Tuesday 17th March between 7:00 and 8:45pm. The trout season will be less than a week away by then so please don’t miss the opportunity.

Postal applications may still be made to the secretary but of course we cannot guarantee the post being on time.

Walking the banks this week the river looks in great nick, the winter has not been too harsh so the water could warm up quite quickly. We’re looking forward to a cracking season so don’t wait, get that renewal sorted.

Tight lines.