Police Aware: How should we report poachers?

An interesting article in the angling press this month. The April edition of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine contains a 2 page item about the crime of poaching and how anglers should approach reporting this crime.We have puzzled for some time with the vexing questions of how to deal with poachers. Just WHO is responsible for prosecutions? This has been clarified with the publicising of Home Office Code 116/11. The police should be your 1st call on 101 followed by the EA on 0800 807060.

Mike Handyside in FF&FT goes on to explain how they may well try to point to one another but in actual fact both have a responsibility. Under Home Office Code 116/11 theft of fishing rights is an offence for which the police hold responsibility.

The artivle goes on to explain how to overcome their excuses and press them to follow up on your report of a crime. More information will appear on the page on this site PROTECTING OUR WATERS, but in the mean time this article is well worth reading.

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