Club Contact Information

Strip_ImageClub Officials

President:  Mr Andrew Moralee (snr)

Vice Presidents:  Mr D Craig,

Mr M Lumb, Mr R Lumb.

Chairman:  Mr E  W Clegg

Secretary:  Mr S. O’Dowd

Willington& District Angling Club. PO Box 126, Spennymoor DL16 9DL

TEL: 07766171318

Treasurer: Mr N Fletcher

Committee:  S Pearsall ; P Myers ; E Johnson; K Dixon; D Wainwright ; C Winter, P Allan.

Useful Contacts

Environment Agency:  0800 80 70 60

                                                Police:   101



  1. Hi

    I would be interested to find out if day tickets are available to fish on club waters, also can the waters be fished using rod/float, or is it fly only.

    Also how much would it be to join after trying the waters
    Many Thanks


    1. Hi Bernie

      yes indeed, day permits are available for club waters.

      They are available from Sheldon’s Newsagents , Commercial Street, Willington or by emailing the secretary.

      cost £12 per day.


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