Month: August 2015

Crayfish Discovered in the Gaunless

You may have seen reports in the Northern Echo and on Tyne Tees news about Signal Crayfish being discovered in the River Guanless.

We have two kinds of Crayfish, White Clawed Crayfish are native and do not pose a threat, Red Clawed American Cray Fish were introduced to this country commercially, their spread is rapid and the damage they cause is significant.

We cannot put the genie back in the bottle and preventing the spread of these unwelcome arrivals is not realistic but we can take some precautions to prevent spreading them oursleves. Please go the the information on this site to learn how you can play your part.

This can be found under the heading ABOUT W&DAC and is headed:  Invasive Species. North American Signal Crayfish.

It is important that any angler who is moving from water to water, river to river, follows some basic best practice to avoid transporting the problem on your equipment or clothing.

Please take a little time to make yourself aware. Thank you.