Month: August 2016

Carry Your Cards

Some great work has been done by the bailiff team working closely with the EA and police this year to reduce the amount of poaching on our waters. Our members pay their membership and licence fees and deserve to have their fishing protected.

YOU can help.

The bailiffs are experiencing a number of members who are not carrying their membership books or EA licences. Please help us to protect your fishing by always having your membership book available to show when requested.

Please remember, any person who is not carrying a valid membership book could be asked to leave the water, and in the case of an EA licence could be prosecuted. In protecting your fishing we do not wish to spoil your fishing, your help is invaluable.


K D Johnson Trophy

The K D Johnson Memorial Competition wash fished today at Witton Castle Lakes. Conditions were kind to the anglers, after a few weeks of difficult fishing conditions the day began cooler with good cloud cover and a light breeze.

This years winner is Norman Fletcher with a three fish bag of 8 1/2 lbs. Here we see Keith Johnson presenting the trophy at his father’s bench and the winning bag of fish. The Glenfiddich Malt provided a nice little toast at the end of a great day.

K D Johnson Memorial Trophy

The K D Johnson Memorial competition will be fished next Sunday (14th August) at Witton Castle lakes from 8:00 til 5:00pm.

We look forward to another excellent day’s fishing with images to match these of last year’s event; and don’t forget, this year we have a one off  bonus of a bottle of Glenfiddich malt whisky to go with the trophy. Just turn up next Sunday morning to enjoy the fun.


The Wear has been desperately low all summers while other rivers with headwaters further west seem to have had regular lifts.

The good news is that at this moment we have a rise in level of about 18inches which may increase yet. So with a bit of luck we will see the excess moss washed out and fish start to run.