Month: June 2016

Catch and Release :

We would like your views please.

Some anglers are not entering club competitions or entering fish for club trophies because they prefer full catch and release. We are aware of an excellent salmon last season which was not entered for this reason and recently at least two juniors did not fish the junior competition because they did not wish to kill fish.

To be clear, there is no intention to introduce compulsory C&R but the club does encourage anglers to return wild fish unharmed and in the case of Brown Trout would encourage anglers to kill only fish marked with a black spot (the stockies).

A few ideas have been discussed such as a time stamped photograph clearly showing the length of a fish and change from weight to length to decide winners. One benefit of this is that it would allow any salmon caught before June 16th to be entered as the earliest and/or largest migratory fish of the season.

Currently a fish would need to be verified by a committee member with the scales used being calibrated against a set held by the secretary for accuracy and consistency.

Please let us have your thoughts; what system would you suggest?

The senior completion this weekend will take place under the existing rules but is it possible to have something better in place for next season?


Senior Competition : Dr Chesters Trophy

The Dr. Chesters Senior Competition (Sponsored by Angler’s Lodge at Jubilee Lakes) : For the largest fish caught takes place this coming Sunday.

Last years winners : Paul Myers and Ronnie Featherstone each with a Brown Trout of 1lb 6oz. Sharing the prize donated by our web-site sponsor Angler’s Lodge at Jubilee Lakes: £100 of vouchers each.IMG_0665

Paul and Ronnie won £100 worth of vouchers for Angler’s Lodge, kindly donated by the sponsors Angler’s Lodge at Jubilee Lakes.

The Dr Chesters Senior Trophy

The Dr. Chesters  Senior Competiton: Sponsored by Anglers Lodge at Jubilee Lakes : Takes place this weekend, the 1st Sunday in July : 3:00pm to 8:00pm.

( The 2015 winners shared £200 of vouchers for Angler’s Lodge kindly donated by our sponsors).

Anglers please meet at Jubilee Car park for a 3:00pm start.




Tripoid Fish

Anglers up and down the country are slowly learning about the different habits and effects of stocking Triploid in place of Diploid fish.

We need your feedback to understand what is happening on our waters, we need to understand the effects of Triploid fish on the river and on angling.

The club has completed stocking for the year, 250 Triploids have gone in in two batches. What is your experience. Are you catching these fish? What methods are working? Bait, worm, nymph, wet fly, dry fly?


Black Spot identifies our Triploid Trout

The stockies are marked with a black spot, this may be central or further forward towards the gills. Please let us have any feedback possible, it is important.


Social Event

We are looking to add to the benefits of membership of  Willington Angling Club with a social aspect.

A Sportsman’s Evening has been arranged at Willington Cricket Club, with a guest speaker and a pie and pea supper on July 14th.. The Speaker is Stuart Wardle, former England International and well renowned angler.

Please contact the secretary (Shaun O’Dowd) for details or to reserve your ticket.

Great Trout and Grayling Fishing at Willington

The river is in great nick when it produces fish like these, all taken and returned on Willington waters very recently, and prior to the last stock fish being released.

The net and rod scale these fish quite nicely to show a beautiful Brown Trout and fantastic Grayling each well in excess of 2lbs.

An angler recently told us ” there are no fish in there.”  Thanks to Anthony and Chalkie for the evidence that he couldn’t be more wrong with these great examples of the excellent fishing currently being enjoyed on our club waters.

Maybe it’s time to try a different fly !