Balsam Bashing: How YOU can help.

Himalayan Balsam is growing vigorously right now, and now is the time to take action. Balsam Bashing is not about going out with a big stick, and does not need to be in organised events. We can all take action to help.


Quite a daunting climb out of the river. Himalayan Balsam has many drawbacks, but it’s the exposed bank later which is the biggest issue..

The problem with this plant is that it takes over and shades out other plants which help to secure the banks. When the Balsam then dies back this leaves the banks at greater risk of erosion.


TOGETHER We can beat  Balsam

What can YOU do?


Shallow roots in soft sandy ground. easy to pull out.



Just pull the plants and snap the stems.







If each angler can spare just ten minutes on each visit to the river, particularly at this time of year, BEFORE flowering takes place, we can make a difference.

Ideally pull the young plants by the roots, snap the stem and pile the plants up to rot. Away from the waters edge is best. Every patch we can clear is a piece of land where other plants and grasses can take hold and protect at least that area.

A huge thank you to those who have been taking action, and to all members please take just a little time to help protect our waters.

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