Month: August 2021

K D Johnson Memorial Trophy 2021

The K.D. Johnson Memorial Trophy is now confirmed to be fished at Sharpley Springs fishery on Sunday 5th September.

Anglers please arrive in time for an 8:30 start.

Eric Johnson presenting the trophy in a past year in memory of Ken Johnson.

The cost will be £25 for an all day ticket taking 3 fish. As normal, the heaviest bag wins.

It would be very helpful if anglers who are able to do so could confirm their attendance in advance to the secretary. If you cannot confirm in advance this does not prevent you fishing but it really is helpful. Thank you.

The Trophy Awaits.

Still Time to Beat the Balsam

Time is running out before the balsam seeds start to scatter far and wide, but we still have time to reduce the effect.

The Himalayan Balsam is in full flower and we will be seeing those seed cases ready to pop anytime now. Anything we can do to reduce the number of seeds thrown out will help protect the banks this winter and make life easier next season.

If you can find a little time when you visit the river bank please try to pull a few plants.

Best option is to pull the roots and snap the stem, then just leave them in a pile to decay. Even if you only have time to pull the roots, if it prevents seeding its a great help. If you have time to clear a clump that would be brilliant.

Every little helps. Thank you.

Nice One Trevor

Congratulations to our serial winner Trevor Conway who took the prize with the biggest fish weighed in on the day. A beautiful brownie of exactly 1 pound.

We had an excellent turn out on the day for the men’s competition for the Dr Chesters Trophy though sadly no ladies were able to fish for the new Angela Moralee Shield.

We see Trevor here being presented with the Trophy from a past win, he will receive this year’s prize at the 2022 AGM. Best bib and tucker please Trev.