Month: March 2018

Fly of the Month

What would be your fly of the month?

What are the best flies for the river Wear in April or, do you just have a favourite fly for no rhyme or reason. I am fascinated by the Durham Ranger, never fished it, never tried to tie it but maybe it will feature later.

We have introduced a new feature which it is hoped will be of interest to some, helpful to others and add another reason to use this site.

Under the tab FLY OF THE MONTH you will find the initial offerings for March of the Partridge and Orange Spider and The GRHE Nymph.

The more experienced members of this club are the experts, we’d like to share that expertise with others who are new to fly fishing or new to tying flies, so please tell us, what flies would you like to see featured, how do you prefer to fish them and what patterns do you use?


Right now we would like your favourite flies for Willington waters in April. The aim is to feature one or two flies each month, relevant to the time of year and the fish we are seeking as the season progresses. Maybe your favourite Trout flies in the early part, Sea Trout as we move into the summer months , Salmon later and Grayling flies for the winter.

Please get in touch to share your favourites and your knowledge.


2018/19 Season is almost here.

It’s almost here IMG_0190. The new Trout season and our new club season will open in just a couple of weeks.

Please don’t forget to get your membership renewal in in good time for the club to get it back to you. Remember this needs to be with the secretary by March 21st (we really do not wish to make funds from late renewal fees).

Your membership takes you right through to March 2019 enabling you to fish the full Salmon season from February and of course the winter Grayling season on top of your Trout fishing thought the summer.

Please be sure to include an S.A.E large enough for a A6 booklet and key ring with sufficient postage to cover that cost.

If this seasons opens anything like last year we’re in for a cracking spring.

Tight Lines

Clarification of Grayling Tickets.

We have had a request to clarify the new Winter Grayling Permit.

This is not an extra charge on top of your membership. As a club member you are able to fish for Grayling throughout the winter on your normal club membership.

The new Winter Grayling Permit creates an opportunity for non members to fish the club waters for Grayling between November 1st and March 15th. The hope is that this introduction to our waters will encourage such anglers to become full members in the coming season. 

While Brown Trout has long been the mainstay of our fishing we now enjoy much more diversity. Salmon and Sea Trout are of course very important to us and Grayling fishing has now become quite prominent.

Your club membership allows you to enjoy all of theses aspects within their own seasons. You may see the season referred to as the 2018/19 Season, this more accurately reflects the fact that your membership allows you to fish all year round, subject to close seasons for individual species. 

So, no need to spend the winter all cooped-up at home, itching to get out. You can do it. Maybe not quite so much fun if we have a repeat of the Beast from The East.

Tight Lines.


Membership Renewals


Membership renewals and new applications are now being taken for the 2018/19 season.

Please send your renewal slip (from your membership book) to the secretary with an appropriate S.A.E. and payment.


Remember, this is a busy time, the secretary is handling a number of applications and will look to get your book back to you as quickly as possible, but as ever, the earlier your renewal is received the earlier it can be returned.

The start of the 2018 Trout Season is very close, please don’t leave this to the last minute.

Last year we asked anglers to display a small card in your windscreen to let the bailiffs know who was fishing. Feedback has been that members were not comfortable with this. The club has listened and has withdrawn these for the coming season.IMG_0190


We are introducing a new tool to help bailiffs on the river bank; anglers will receive a key-ring style tab which we are asking you to wear on the outside of your jacket. Bailiffs will then be able to recognise members without the need to disturb your fishing and ask you to search through your pockets for your membership book. Your cooperation with this request will be very helpful and very much appreciated. Thank you. 



Proposed Salmon and Sea Trout byelaws for England and the Border Esk,D1Z8,2A30YR,1D9T4,1

We are advertising proposed new byelaws to regulate the fishing for salmon and sea trout by net and rod fisheries in England and on the Border Esk.

To view and respond to these proposed byelaws, please click the link above. Objections, or support, to these byelaws must be received by the 8 April 2018

Salmon Consultation

The EA have now published their actual proposals following on from the consultation. We are all able to respond to these proposals using the link above. You may want to take a look at these proposals quite carefully as they will potentially affect your fishing. 

Managing Salmon Fisheries in England and on the Border Esk : results now available

Salmon Consultation
The EA have now made available their detailed analysis of all the replies they had to the Salmon Consultation exercise held in October last year. There detailed analysis is available at
A copy of their analysis report is also attached at the bottom of this email. They have yet to release there recommendations but hopefully these will follow before to long.