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Further to the notification of a change to our waters, an updated map has now been added to this site.

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2nd W&DAC Grayling Day

November 19th saw the club hold it’s 2nd Grayling day with the support of the Grayling Society.

Deborah and Ceiran had refreshments under control as angles arrived at Jubilee Bridge Car Park on a beautiful autumnal morning, cold and clear without a cloud in sight. The river was slightly low and running pretty clear. We couldn’t have chosen a better day.

28 rods registered to fish and after a welcome and introduction from Stuart Wardle of the Grayling Society and a few words from club secretary Shaun O’Dowd they went off to enjoy their days fishing.

Refreshments were available all day, hot drinks being particularly welcome. A spicy butternut squash soup was very welcome along with Trevor’s pies and quiche.

In excess 0f 120 Grayling were accounted for with catch returns showing an even spread across the waters. Anglers making full use of the river available, and of course those who weren’t fishing kept a close eye on proceedings.


At the end of the day we are left looking forward to next year. If you can’t wait that long, Winter Grayling permits , valid up to March 15th are available for just £25, day tickets for £10.  Full membership for 2018 is available from march (currently priced at £75).

To all who attended thank you. we hope you had a great day and look forward to seeing you fishing at Willington again very soon.

Haste ye back.


A serious act of vandalism occurred yesterday at the Jubilee Car Park. This affected anyone using the car park including the public and an ambulance and could have had very serious consequences.

We have reason to believe it is related to other acts of vandalism which have taken place over the course of the year.

The police are involved and the angling club will give any help we can to the investigation. Anyone who has any information to pass on please contact the club or the police and help us to stop these individuals before they cause a tragedy.

The Lady of The Stream smiles on us.

Frost was in the air and the sky was clear and blue as anglers arrived for our 2nd Grayling Day.

The Lady of the Stream did not disappoint with in excess of 100 Grayling being caught. More details with pictures will appear here soon.

In the meantime our thanks go out to Stuart Wardle and the Grayling Society for helping us put together such a successful event, all the more enjoyable thanks to the work of Deborah and Ciaran with the hot drinks and refreshments.

Our thanks to everyone who contributed and fished on the day.

A superb day, here’s to next year.

Dead Fish

The EA are anxious to examine dead or dying salmon and sea trout, particularly those showing signs of fungus growth. If you see a dying or recently dead fish (circa 24hrs) then please let the club know, we will pass the information on.

When replying please state EXACTLY where on the Wear the fish is. The EA will then come out to collect.