Club Rules

Summary of 2018/19 Rules.

(including clarification of Treble Hooks when spinning).

Membership Renewal:

To renew your membership please return your membership the application form provided with the correct remittance (for postal applications include a suitable SAE) to the Club Secretary before March 21st Please note a late payment fee of £5 will apply to applications later than this date.

2017 Membership Book

Don’t forget to renew before March 21st.


Current EA regulations and bye-laws along with the Salmon and Freshwaters Fisheries Act. must be observed at all times. (available from the EA on request or via the Gov.UK web-site. A link is provided on the W&DAC web-site). In all instances EA Regs. and S&FWFA take precedence over club rules.

The club rules are published in your membership book and reproduced here for your convenience ( note the format here may vary slightly from your rule book which takes precedence at all times).

The officials, members and bailiffs of W&DAC reserve the right to check all permits, day tickets and licenses when said anglers are fishing waters owned or controlled by W.D.A.C.

ADVISORY NOTE : Members are advised against the excessive use of alcohol.

Catch and Release: Members are asked to practice to practice Catch and Release of Brown Trout as often as possible throughout the season. However in light of change to restocking policy we would encourage anglers who wish to take any fish, to only keep fish identified with a clipped adipose fin and where possible return all fish that are not marked, in order to preserve the Brown Trout breeding stocks.

General Fishing Rules (applies to all waters and categories unless stated):

All anglers must hold a current and appropriate EA licence. Failure to carry the correct licence when fishing may result in anglers being asked to leave the water.

Members shall at all times use correct access to the water, use proper roadways, stiles, close gates after them and keep to the perimeters of fields. Under no circumstances shall the road through Low Fields farm be used as access to the water. The road from Page bank to Low Fields Farm must not be used for vehicular access. Litter must not be left by any member.

Members must at all times practice the code of “fishing etiquette” i.e. do not hog pools when others are waiting to fish. Take one pace downstream after each cast. Do not cut in front of members fishing any pool without prior consent. This includes when fishing from the opposite bank.

Juniors under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult. All other juniors are advised to do likewise whenever possible.

Please take all litter home or dispose of in the correct manner.

Bag limit MAXIMUM of :

a) 2 Brown Trout per day

b) 2 Migratory fish per day

ALL  Kelts, Coloured, Unclean, and Immature fish  must be returned to the water with as little harm as possible (SAFFA 1975).

When bait fishing for trout or grayling all hooks must be barbless.

All grayling must be returned with as little damage as possible

No fishing on club waters at Eastgate from November 1st to March 21st inc. (see rules for Grayling fishing).

No fish under 12” to be taken. All fish below this size must be returned to the river with as much care as possible..

Do not light fires, take dogs or take fire-arms when fishing club waters. Do not leave waste nylon on the river bank.

Maggot fishing , ground baiting and loose feeding are not permitted.

No spinning for Brown Trout until June 1st.

Rule 16a (see membership book). MAIXIMUM of ONE shank with a maximum of 3 hook points when spinning including Rapala type lures. (i.e. on hook which may be treble, single or double).

Do not take or attempt to take fish by foul means.

No anti-social behaviour

No power bait is permitted on club waters.

No launching or sailing of canoes, kayaks or boats of any kind on any of the club waters, irrespective of fishing or not.

Hook Restrictions on EASTGATE Waters

  1. No hook larger than size 2 single hook
  2. No more than 2 single hooks (Pennell tackle) larger than size 8
  3. No more than one treble hook larger than size 4
  4. No more than one double hook larger than size 4.28.When bait fishing for trout or grayling all hooks must be barbless

Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing is allowed on the River Wear at WILLINGTON from February 1st to March 22nd. FLY fishing only. From March 22nd normal rules apply.

Grayling Fishing.

During winter months members wishing to fish for Grayling may do so on all waters Willington (not Eastgate).

This applies to all senior members. Juniors must be accompanied by senior member (s).

  1. Fishing is restricted to Fly and Worm only :
  2. WORM : max hook size 14 and maximum 3lb leader.
  3. Fly: -tackle indicative to method of fishing. ( Generally recognised grayling norm)
  4. Any game fish , also Grayling must be returned to the river with as little injury as possible.

Pond Fishing

Normal course fishing rules apply

All fish to be returned, inc. trout and grayling, barbless hooks only when fishing the ponds.

Grayling and large fish to be returned immediately (do not put into a keep net).

No parking near to gates

No wading, keep out of mud or marsh areas.

No tins or bags. All bait to be in a bait box e.g. meat. Sweetcorn, deadbait etc. All members to clean peg before fishing and before leaving. Take all litter home regardless of who left it.

When fishing for Pike 10lb minimum line and steel trace to be used, trebles must have 2 barbs removed, one barb may be left to hold bait.

Thank you. Tight Lines.





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