Willington & District Angling Club Rules 2020

The club rules have been simplified and condensed to remove unnecessary repetition, These will be included in your 2020 membership book.

Renewal of Membership.

Fees are subject to any increase determined at the AGM. 

To renew your membership please return your membership card with the correct remittance (for postal applications include a suitable SAE) to the Club Secretary before March 21st. Subscription must be paid by the 21st March; failure to do so means termination of membership without claims to assets.

Junior members who are 18 years old before March 21st each year are no longer eligible for junior membership. Any junior member who reaches the age of 18 years of age and has achieved 3 years continuous membership will take preference over any waiting list.

Club Rules

  1. Any member failing to comply with the rules as laid down by the Club, including all bank-work procedures, will be brought before the committee and dealt with in accordance with the infringement. A member brought before the committee may be suspended for a period of time which the committee think in accordance with the offence up to and including dismissal from the Club.
  2. The officials, members and bailiffs of W&DAC reserve the right to check all permits, day tickets and licenses when said anglers are fishing waters owned or controlled by W.& D.A.C.
  3. Anyone leaving the club of his own free will or anyone dismissed for any offence will forfeit any claims to assets.
  4. Anyone not attending the Annual General Meeting must abide by decisions made there.
  5. All MEMBERS must hold a current and appropriate EA licence. Failure to carry the correct licence when fishing may result in anglers being asked to leave the water.
  6. THE TAKING OF KELTS IS ILLEGAL. All coloured, unclean or immature fish to be returned to the water with as little harm as possible. (SAFA 1975).
  7. At all times The Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act (SAFA 1975) and EA Regulations and bye-laws must be adhered to and take preference over club rules.
  8. No spinning for Brown Trout before June 1st.
  9. No fish under 12” to be taken. All fish below this size must be returned to the river with as much care as possible. All wild Brown Trout to be returned to the water, any angler wishing to take Brown Trout should only take those marked with a clipped adipose fin.
  10. Members must not light fires, take dogs or take fire arms when fishing club waters. No anti-social behaviour or consumption of alcohol permitted on club waters.
  11. Members shall at all times use correct access to the water, use proper roadways and stiles, close gates after them and keep to the perimeters of fields. Under no circumstances shall the road through Low Fields farm be used as access to the water. The road from Pagebank to Low Fields Farm must not be used for vehicular access.
  12. Waste nylon must not be left on the river bank take all litter home and dispose of it in the correct manner.
  13. Ground baiting, loose feeding, power bait and maggot fishing are not permitted.
  14. All hooks must conform to current Environment Agency regulations.
  15. A maximum of one shank, with a maximum of three hook points permitted when spinning, including Rapalas and Rapala type lures.
  16. Anyone taking or trying to take fish by foul means will be dismissed from the club.
  17. The membership book cannot be transferred to any other person. Members must carry their membership book and licence when fishing, failure to produce them when asked to do so may result in being asked to leave the water.
  18. The officials, members and bailiffs of W&DAC reserve the right to check all permits, day tickets and licenses when said anglers are fishing waters owned or controlled by W.&D.A.C. It is the duty of all club members to challenge anyone fishing club waters. This must be done in a polite manner and at the same time the member must produce evidence of his own membership. Upon failure to produce a current Membership Book/Card or Permit, the member may politely ask the offender to leave the water. All offences must be reported to a club official or committee member. Under no circumstances shall a member use or try to use force to remove offenders from the club waters.
  19. No member may fish club waters with any angler, nor permit any angler to fish who does not hold a current permit, day or week ticket including complimentary or guest tickets.
  20. Members must at all times practice the code of “fishing etiquette” i.e. do not hog pools when others are waiting to fish. Take one pace downstream after each cast. Do not cut in front of members fishing any pool without prior consent.
  21. Bag limit of 2 Brown Trout or 2 migratory fish per day.
  22. No fishing on club waters at Eastgate from November 1st to March 21st (see rules for Grayling fishing.

Hook Restrictions on EASTGATE Waters

  1. No hook larger than size 2 single hook.
  2. No more than 2 single hooks (Pennell tackle) larger than size 8
  3. No more than one treble hook larger than size 4
  4. No more than one double hook larger than size 4.
  5. From 30th September to 31st October inclusive, all fishing to be with barbless hooks.
  6. When bait fishing for Trout or Grayling all hooks must be barbless, all Grayling must be returned with as little damage as possible.
  7. No launching or sailing of canoes, kayaks or boats of any kind on any of the club waters, irrespective of fishing or not.
  8. No fishing on the river for coarse fish excluding Grayling during the month of October.
  9. It is recommended that all anglers carry a disgorger and landing net for the safe return of fish and also a priest if they intend to keep the fish.
  10. Juniors under the age of 12yrs must be accompanied by a responsible adult. All other juniors are advised to do likewise whenever possible.

ADVISORY NOTE: members are advised not to publicise catches of fish caught on club waters especially Salmon & Sea Trout in any branches of the media such as newspapers, angling magazines, internet, websites or Facebook as this could cause a number of problems such as poaching.

WARNING TO ALL MEMBERS; due to the number of quite severe floods areas of soft clay are being exposed. We would encourage all members to take care when wading. Areas currently noted are at Jubilee Bridge, Low Field Farm and Page Bank.

Salmon Fishing

  1. Salmon fishing is allowed on the River Wear at WILLINGTON from February 1st to March 22 FLY fishing only. From March 22nd normal rules apply.

Grayling Fishing.

During winter months Senior Members wishing to fish for Grayling may do so on all waters at Willington (not Eastgate). Juniors must be accompanied by senior member (s).

When Fishing for winter Grayling the following rules must be strictly adhered to:-

  1. Fishing is restricted to Fly and Worm only with a maximum hook size 14 and maximum 3lb leader.
  2. Any game fish, also Grayling must be returned to the river with as little injury as possible.

Pond Fishing

  1. Normal course fishing rules apply
  2. Fish must not be held in a keep net but returned immediately with as much care as possible.
  3. No parking near to gates
  4. No wading, keep out of mud or marsh areas.
  5. Barbless hooks only when fishing the ponds.
  6. No tins or bags, bait to be in a bait box.
  7. Members to clean peg before fishing and before leaving. Take all litter home regardless of who left it.
  8. When fishing for Pike 10lb minimum line and steel trace to be used, trebles must have 2 barbs removed, one barb may be left to hold bait.



Change of Address.

Please advise the club secretary of any change of address as soon as possible

Loss of Membership Book.

Members are responsible for the safe keeping of their rule book. Please inform the club secretary of as soon as possible if you lose your Membership book. Replacement of the Rule Book will cost £1.00





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