Month: September 2017

Late Season Trout

More fish from a great season.

These beauties were caught very recently, a couple of them on a Tenkara rod, apparently very exhilarating when a good fish takes off.

It really is worth fishing for trout right up to the last knockings of September.

We want more pictures of your fish please. If you have any good shots to share please let us see them, despite the great fishing which anglers have reported this season there are still some who don’t appreciate how good our waters are.

Close Season for Trout

Trout Close Season

It’s approaching fast. We’ve had an excellent trout season on our waters but at the end of the month it all wraps up until March.

Goodbye Trout – Hello Grayling.

Good news is that you can continue to fish for Grayling right through to March, just before the Trout Season re-opens, and if you’re not a member we have a new Grayling ticket introduced this year which runs from November 1st through to the end of the Grayling season in March.

Save Our Salmon: OUR Time to Act

The national salmon byelaw consultation for the future regulation and management of exploitation of salmon in both rod and net fisheries has now been launched.  The consultation can be accessed using the hyperlink below:

This is a critical stage in the protection and preservation of the Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout stocks and directly affects all anglers. This is a major chance for all anglers to have their say in what will happen in the upcoming Net Limitation Order. The link above will take you to the consultation document and all the relevant appendices.
The advice is to all read thoroughly before and during completing as some of the questions are complex and misleading.
Should any member feel that they cannot complete this or would like assistance then please let me know and I can complete this on your behalf and get this submitted before the deadline of the 9th October 2017.
This is important, when you read the consultation document carefully you will see that this could have major effects on Rod Fishing.
Please do not be someone who leaves this to others and later wishes that they had acted when the chance was there. Use the link and respond soon.