Month: December 2015

Fly Tipping at Willington

Here we have pictures of Fly Tipping near Jubilee Bridge.

It goes without saying that these pictures have been sent to the various authorities involved in investigating fly tipping.  It is our understanding that investigators often find evidence in amongst this sort of rubbich which can lead them directly back to the offenders and result in prosecution. Let’s hope so, the sign on the fence states that the fine is as much as £3000. Looking at this stuff there appears to be plenty of stuff in there to help the investigators.

Maybe the offenders will see these pictures and have the sense to remove the rubbish before the investigators have the opportunity to start work.

W&DAC is committed to protecting the environment around our waters and will do all we can to help prevent these sort of thoughtless acts.





Water and Work, your club needs you.

Dear members

As I type the river is again over the road at Jubillee Bridge. On the back of the last flood with banks saturated and unstable there will no doubt be more damage.

There will definatey be more debris.

The club really needs your help. Once everything has settled down we will need to sort out the mess and make ready for the new season. A few willing committee members cannot do this alone, can you help.

Please contact the Secretary and let him know your availability to get involved.

Remember this is our club and it will be all the sronger if we all pull together.

Thank you.

Flood water at Willington.

We may need a bigger shovel !

The rains came and the floods came too.

After the floods subside there may be some work to do.


This was a big flood which lasted longer than is often the case. The power of the water and the time it lasted may have caused some serious damage to our banks.

When everything settles down we will assess the situation and may find that we have some work to do before the spring, clearing up debris, protecting banks and much more besides.  Can you help?  Watch this space, we may need to ask for your help.