Month: October 2018

Invasive Species Survey

The Angling Trust along with University College London are undertaking a survey looking into Angling and  Invasive species.

The aim of the survey is to understand where anglers are travelling in the UK and abroad, and current levels of awareness of invasive species. The findings will then be used to provide better advice on what you can do to stop them from being introduced into our waters.

The survey should take about 10 minutes  to complete and can be found at

Stop The Spread


More information about invasive species and the Angling Trust’s work in this area can be found through the link below.

2018 Catch Returns

As the Game Fishing Season draws to a close please don’t forget, if you fish for migratory fish it is a requirement of your licence to complete a catch return and send it to the EA.

At the same time please don’t forget how valuable catch returns are to your club, not just migratory fish, all fish, stockies, wild trout and anything else you may catch. Anyone who has fished the ponds can provide really valuable insight into the condition of the fishing there. The more knowledge we have of the fish in our waters the better we can manage those waters or react to issues.

2018 Catch Return XLXS version

2018 Catch Return PDF version

Please use the attached forms, provided for your convenience in PDF and EXCEL formats to tells us all you can about your catches this season. As a minimum we would appreciate a copy of your EA catch return.

Thank You.

River Tees Salmon Survey : Update


Below is a list of the beats available for visitors joining in with the Tees Salmon Weekend.

Please note that you MUST enrol to fish on these beats, as some areas have limited availability. Marshalls will be on hand to help anglers on all beats. To enrol please call Olly on 0785056870.

You must posses an EA Migratory rod licence and carry it with you.

Rules apply for each individual beat.

Raby Estate (Below High Force) Fly Only

Barnard Castle Fly Fishers Fly Only 5 x rods per day

Barnard Castle Angling Club Fly Only

Eggleston Hall (Upper) Fly Only 2 x rods per day

Eggleston Hall (Middle) Fly Only 2 x Rods per day

Eggleston Hall (Lower) Fly/Spinner 2 x rods per day

Whorlton Fly Only

Cliffe Estate Fly Only 3 x rods per day

Snowhall Any Method

Darlington Anglers Any Method

Sir Mark Wrightson’s Hurworth Fly Only 5 x rods per day

To add a little extra effect Robson Green, Neil Lobban and James Stokoe may be participating.

You are invited to

The River Tees Salmon Fishing Survey

There is to be a River Tees ‘salmon fishing survey’ over two days on the last weekend in October.

The idea is to get as many rods as possible to fish on one or both of these two days and record catches etc with a view to putting the results to the EA.

The fishing would be free and details of the beats available and registration details will be available soon. Put the dates in your diary and watch this space for further info.

Salmon fishing and salmon stocks are subjects dear to our hearts but its fair to say under threat unless positive people take positive action, including putting meaningful information to the EA. The Tees has its own unique issues and any help putting together a clear picture will be invaluable.