Month: October 2018

Invasive Species Survey

The Angling Trust along with University College London are undertaking a survey looking into Angling and  Invasive species.

The aim of the survey is to understand where anglers are travelling in the UK and abroad, and current levels of awareness of invasive species. The findings will then be used to provide better advice on what you can do to stop them from being introduced into our waters.

The survey should take about 10 minutes  to complete and can be found at

Stop The Spread


More information about invasive species and the Angling Trust’s work in this area can be found through the link below.


Grayling Permits

As we come towards the last knockings of the Salmon Season, with Brown Trout fishing ended almost a month ago we head in what could be a long winter for game anglers. Unless of course you enjoy Grayling Fishing.

Members are reminded that you can fish for Grayling right through until March at no extra cost and non-members are able to take advantage of our Winter Grayling Ticket.

For just £25 non-members are able to fish Willington District Angling Club waters for Grayling up to March 15th 2019.

We have our 3rd annual Grayling Day coming up on November 11th with the Grayling Society so you know it makes sense to give our waters a closer look. If you’ve not tried fishing for the fabulous Lady of the Stream come along on the 11th and find out what it’s all about, or just treat yourself to that winter ticket and enjoy tight lines right through.

Never forget, in winter, just as summer, a poor days fishing always beats a great day working!

2018 Catch Returns

As the Game Fishing Season draws to a close please don’t forget, if you fish for migratory fish it is a requirement of your licence to complete a catch return and send it to the EA.

At the same time please don’t forget how valuable catch returns are to your club, not just migratory fish, all fish, stockies, wild trout and anything else you may catch. Anyone who has fished the ponds can provide really valuable insight into the condition of the fishing there. The more knowledge we have of the fish in our waters the better we can manage those waters or react to issues.

2018 Catch Return XLXS version

2018 Catch Return PDF version

Please use the attached forms, provided for your convenience in PDF and EXCEL formats to tells us all you can about your catches this season. As a minimum we would appreciate a copy of your EA catch return.

Thank You.

2018 Grayling Day

A quick reminder of what’s happening this Sunday.

November 11th 2018  is the date for our 3rd Willington Angling Club Grayling Day. Arrangements will be similar to 2017 and anglers are asked to register their interest early, we expect another very popular event.

Please register your interest early.

The idea behind the day is to get anglers interested in Grayling Fishing and to try and determine the levels of grayling present in our waters.
The event will again attended by Stuart Wardle who is a an England International Fly angler and Guide as well as the Regional secretary for the Grayling Society and has a wealth of knowledge in relation to this beautiful fish and the techniques required, as well as members of the Grayling Society, who will be able to advise members on techniques and tackle to tackle these fantastic fish.
The agenda for the day will be as follows :
Please meet at Jubilee Bridge carpark Grid Reference NZ 20859 34407, Nearest postcode DL15 0DJ  for approximately 10am with a view to commence fishing from 11am.
Stuart and the members of the grayling Society will be on hand to answer any questions relating to tackle and techniques. We are also aiming to have tea and coffee available for those that attend and everything to plan there will be soup available. An additional feature will see fly tying materials, capes, feathers etc. on sale from a young enthusiast as part of a college project.
The day is aimed at all angling abilities with enjoyment the key aim. For those anglers that want to fish we will be aiming to collect some data in relation to fish sizes, numbers and spread so the completion of a catch return is essential and these will be handed out on the day of the event.
This is an open event and any member wishing to bring a guest on the day may do so all that is needed is for all participants to register an interest at the earliest opportunity so I can ensure that there is sufficient refreshments available and if necessary allocate anglers to particular sections of the river or team them up with more experienced Grayling anglers if required.
The event totally dependant upon the river levels, please contact the secretary or watch the clubs website in the event of high water levels for clarification on whether the event is to go ahead. A provisional back up day is planned for November 25th in the event of the river not being fishable.

River Tees Salmon Survey : Update


Below is a list of the beats available for visitors joining in with the Tees Salmon Weekend.

Please note that you MUST enrol to fish on these beats, as some areas have limited availability. Marshalls will be on hand to help anglers on all beats. To enrol please call Olly on 0785056870.

You must posses an EA Migratory rod licence and carry it with you.

Rules apply for each individual beat.

Raby Estate (Below High Force) Fly Only

Barnard Castle Fly Fishers Fly Only 5 x rods per day

Barnard Castle Angling Club Fly Only

Eggleston Hall (Upper) Fly Only 2 x rods per day

Eggleston Hall (Middle) Fly Only 2 x Rods per day

Eggleston Hall (Lower) Fly/Spinner 2 x rods per day

Whorlton Fly Only

Cliffe Estate Fly Only 3 x rods per day

Snowhall Any Method

Darlington Anglers Any Method

Sir Mark Wrightson’s Hurworth Fly Only 5 x rods per day

To add a little extra effect Robson Green, Neil Lobban and James Stokoe may be participating.

Take 3 For The Wear

Wear Anglers Association has launched a campaign to help to free our river of pollution and litter. Please see the poster below which is pretty self-explanatory.

The message is simple, if each of us picks home and disposes correctly of THREE pieces of rubbish each time we visit the river bank we CAN and WILL make a difference.

Single use plastic is a huge issue in the media spotlight at the moment and there is no doubt that it blights our river banks but every other piece of litter does likewise and threatens our sport. So please … Take Three For The Wear.

Take Three For The Wear