Month: April 2017

More useful information.

For those who fish for Salmon and Sea Trout May often brings an uplift of fish in the river. At the side of the page you will find links to the daily and monthly upstream figures. The links are repeated below.

So if you’re looking for quick access to useful information we do our best to provide it on here.

Useful Information.

Many anglers will be eager to monitor river levels as we move into the summer months, maybe for an indication of running fish or perhaps to save a journey to the river only to find water too high or too low.

We are pleased to provide useful links at the side of this page to the EA River Levels site where water levels can be seen for Witton Park and Sunderland Bridge gauging stations, plus if you are planning to fish further afield the country is covered on this site.

So before you plan that trip, remember river level information is available right here.

Heads up: Prices down

We just thought you would like to know: Anglers Lodge at Jubilee Lakes have a sale happening right now on clothing.

Just to mention that it’s a 33% off on the website but actually 50% off in the shop if you are able to go through. The link below will take you to the web-site to have a look at what’s available but as you can see you’ll save more in shop.

happy shopping.

EA Officers Excellent Easter


The EA had an Easter crackdown over the Bank Holiday weekend checking 421 rod licences and reporting 29 offences on North East river banks.

This is brilliant news for every genuine angler who buys a licence and pays for a permit to fish or for club membership.

Kevin Summerson, Fisheries Enforcement Technical Specialist at the Environment Agency, said:

It’s encouraging that the vast majority of anglers abide by the law, but there are still too many that we find during patrols that are fishing illegally.

We take illegal fishing very seriously – it’s not fair on other anglers and endangers the future of the sport.

Our work is intelligence led and we work closely with our partners at the police and Angling Trust to target known hot spots and where illegal fishing is reported to us.

We carry out enforcement work all year round and will be continuing throughout the coming weeks, including the upcoming Bank Holiday weekends.

We really want people to get outdoors and enjoy what is a fantastic sport, and the rod licence is great value for money for all the family.

I’d urge people to help us protect the health of our fisheries by reporting any suspected illegal activity to us.

Congratulations and thanks go to Kevin Summerson and his team who have sent a strong message out about fishing illegally in the North East.

Environment Agency officers routinely carry out licence checks and anyone with information about illegal fishing activities is urged to report it via the Environment Agency’s Incident Hotline on 0800 80 70 60 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Willington Club Bailiffs spend many thankless hours walking the river banks helping to reduce illegal fishing on our waters. You can help. If you have any suspicion about strangers fishing on WADAC waters  this can be reported directly to the EA hotline but please remember to let the club know. Last year by logging as many incidents as possible we were able to gain extra help from the authorities in combating the problem, so please don’t hesitate to make that call, oh, and remember to carry your licence.

Tight Lines.

Trout Fishing: but who told the Grayling

Anglers have been reporting some good Trout fishing when conditions have been decent but it seems that no one explained the concept of “close-season” to the Grayling.

Anglers are reporting numbers of Grayling being caught. of course at this time of year flies and tactics are not massively dissimilar but if you do seem to find a shoal of Grayling you may want to try something different or leave that spot.

Please enjoy your fishing but spare a thought for the Grayling which may be shoaling and spawning.

Fishing over Easter

Easter has arrived and traditionally by now the fishing is starting to warm up.

A number of anglers have reported good sessions during the warm weather, unfortunately the forecast is much cooler over Easter but don’t let that put you off.

Anglers don’t need to be reminded that there will be lots of visitors to the river bank over the weekend so please take care with anything which could cause harm. In particular please be sure not to leave waste nylon lying around which apart from being a problem for wild life cause be dangerous to children and dogs. Best option is to take it home or at least cut it into small pieces.

Remember, if you wish to take a non-member along permits are available from Sheldon’s news agents.

Have a great Easter, enjoy your fishing and please leave something for me to catch.

Tight Lines.

Great Day at Jubilee Lakes

The weather was perfect with blue sky, a light breeze and sunshine.

When I arrived at Jubilee Lakes everything was set up ready to go, a quick chat in Anglers Lodge with Sandra then out to listen and learn.

With plenty of rods and lines set up everyone was able to enjoy a cast and take in some hints and tips, from beginners enjoying basic instruction and help to more experienced casters getting a feel of the rods and lines. Advice was readily given and rods available to practice while the experts demonstrated their art superbly and explained the array of rods, lines and kits on the market.

Of course it was April Fools Day and early in the afternoon the heavens opened on the anglers assembled, a great opportunity to run for cover to Anglers Lodge where I listened as further advice was given about those very same products and much more beside.

I couldn’t hang around myself which was probably a blessing for my wallet but I saw enough to recommend that as soon as you see this event advertised again you should put some time aside. You know you deserve it.

April Fool’s Day

Now you’re expecting to find that the Open Day at Jubilee Lakes is a big April Fool’s Joke. Well it’s not, it is happening today. The forecast looks decent so go on, treat yourself, pop along to Jubilee Lakes for all the fun starting at 11.