Etiquette on the River.

We have enjoyed some good water in the last couple of weeks with decent runs of migratory fish bringing salmon and sea-trout rods out.

We are asked from time to time about correct etiquette, which generally means that an angler feels someone else could have done better. This then is a good time to remind anglers of etiquette on the river.

The basis of all etiquette is to be polite and considerate to other anglers and to always use common sense. There are many situations for which we could have codes of etiquette, the most common for is fishing a pool.

The basic rules of fishing a pool are very simple:

  • If someone else is fishing a pool always start upstream at a sensible distance unless you are invited to start below. This applies to all forms, fly, spinner, etc.
  • Never hog a pool.
  • Always practice CAST and STEP (or step and cast if you prefer). After each cast take a step downstream. This should be a real step not a small shuffle. 
  • Where an angler is unable to follow this, perhaps through health or fitness issues then invite any following angler to pass.
  • Etiquette applies equally to anglers fishing from both banks.

Most situations are a matter of common sense and consideration for others but following these basic rules makes fishing more enjoyable for everyone.

A few additional thoughts include:

Do not wade too deep you may be standing where salmon lie. Occasionally you may have to wade deep (but close to your bank) to have space for the cast but wade no further than is needed to cast and do not wade to reach further.

Its good to offer to land a fish for another angler but never do so without agreement, it may be that landing the fish individually is part of that anglers pleasure.

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