Grayling Day

See the Winter News Letter for more information about our Grayling Day.

Following on from the recent organised fishing days on the ponds, to determine fish stocks and species,we have decided to hold a similar style of event on the river.

We have had reports of some decent Grayling being caught by anglers. So to determine the stocks of Grayling in the river and the size of the fish, we are organising a Grayling day.

The club is after volunteers to fish specifically for Grayling. We are looking for anglers to fish for the lady of the stream using fly and bait. The normal grayling restrictions apply with respect to the hook size and breaking strain of the line. The main difference being that along with the usual fly and worm is that we will be allowing the use of maggot for this day only.

The date for the Grayling Fishing day will be Sunday 29th November. If the river conditions are not suitable then the event will move to the 6th December.

Only anglers who register an interest for the organised date will be eligible to fish.

Any angler interested in joining in this fishing day please contact the Secretary for further information.

If you are unable to make the date we would still love to hear from anglers who can provide feedback on the Grayling in our waters. We cannot give the same relaxation of rules as on the day itself, but if you can get out for some Grayling fishing please let us know how well you do.

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