Keep it Clean

Please be sure to leave nothing behind on the banks of the river or ponds. A dog being walked by a member has had problems with waste nylon and weights in the area of the ponds.

We'd prefer to think this left by mistake.

We’d prefer to think this left by mistake.

You can see the problem quite clearly here and while we would prefer to think the angler intended to take this home but made a mistake, that could be a very serious mistake. The club has a rule about litter and waste nylon for precisely this reason.

At the very least waste nylon should be cut into small pieces, but better still, take it home and dispose of it correctly.

This time it was a dog, next time it could be farm animals … we enjoy excellent relationships with our Riparian owners which is very important to the future of the club, it is vital not to spoil this.

Please take care. Thank you.

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