Short Sleeves, Short Shorts and Deer Ticks

A quick tip for the summer.

The warm weather may well take you out into open countryside, fishing or for family fun. We do not want to spoil your fun but please be aware of the risk of ticks from deer. These can hang in trees and long plants waiting for a host to pass when they will tranfer to exposed areas.

When ticks bite they will attach themsleves very firmly to the host. They are best removed using tweezers, or better still a tool which pet owners may be familiar with and which can often be bought from pet stores. Try to avoid using your finger and thumb as it is likely that the head will break off and remain embedded.

Enjoy your summer, and the countryside, hopefully this small tip will help to keep you that little bit safer.

Lyme Disease.

This is usually transmitted by the bite of the Black Legged Tick; also known as the Deer Tick.

Ticks could be present in fields and on the riverbank, these may attach themselves to exposed areas of skin and can cause serious illness. Check for ticks and if found remove the tick using tweezers and disinfect the affected area.

Report any unexplained fever or rash (bull’s eye shape) at the bite site to your doctor as soon as possible.

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