A Bargain on the Wear

You may have seen in the February edition of Trout and Salmon that the club enjoyed a very complimentary review by Don Stazicker. 

Exciting Salmon, trout and Sea-trout sport for £75 a year.

and let’s not forget the Grayling.

If you’ve not seen it The February edition of Trout and Salmon is well worth a read and as it says

“if you assume something good must be expensive you can easily miss out on a bargain and the Willington and District Angling Club water on the Wear  is certainly a real bargain.

We’re delighted that Don enjoyed his visit, you have the chance to do the same.

New Memberships are available now, please go to the membership tab on this site for all the information you need to take advantage of this fantastic water.

Existing members need no introduction, please remember we are taking renewals now.

Membership Rates 2020/21

Full Membership Senior : £75         Senior Pond Only : £30       Honoury Member : £35  New Member joining fee : £10        Late Renewal : £5                 SAE or P&P £1.50

Juniors Under 16 years of age on  March 22nd 2020:  FREE however they must be registered as a member and accompanied by an adult.

Junior members aged 16 to 18 on March 22nd 2020 : £20

Members from 2019/2020 season please complete the renewal slip, new members or returning members please use the full application

Applications may be sent by e-mail to the secretary at:  wdacsec@gmail.com or by post to

The Secretary, Willington & District Angling Club. PO Box 126, Spennymoor. DL16 9DL


For postal applications please make cheques payable to Willington and District Angling Club. and include an 8″ x 6″ SAE.

Payment by Bank Transfer is now available, remember to include £1.50 to cover package and posting, payments may be made using :

ACCOUNT NUMBER 43427390   WITH    SORT CODE 20-83-73

Your membership will be processed and posted once payment is confirmed. to ensure prompt turnaround existing members please include the reference :


New applications please use reference WADACSURNAMENEW.

Failure to include a reference could result in delayed processing of applications while payments are confirmed which in turn may affect the time from which you are able to fish.

Please remember to include £1.50 P&P in lieu of an SAE. and always remember :

“A poor day fishing  always beats a great day working”

Tight Lines

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