Willington One Stop Shop

If you need it, as an angler, we hope to provide it in one convenient place.

Down the side of this page we include links to a number of sites we believe will be of interest to anglers including EA sites for river levels, licences, keeping up to date with byelaws and catch returns. We have upstream fish counts for the River Wear and the weather forecast. Find fishing tackle and supplies  from Angler’s Lodge where Willington members can enjoy a 5% discount.

Right now your EA catch returns need to be completed and returned you can do that from this page. We also try to supply as much club information as we can, just use the tabs at the top to find maps, membership information, safety and fishing stuff.

If there is more that you think we could include please let us know. 

Also, if you’re hearing daft gossip on the river bank, this is the place to come for the facts. If its true, if its happening we will post it here.

You can save this site to your phones and devices, just like an app. Have it handy at the touch of a screen and by simply following the site get e-mail notifications of any updates or new posts.

So, why not save it to your screens and choose to follow us now?



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