Tales of the River Bank.

Anglers have a reputation of telling tall tales. How big was the one that got away? A local angler once said “there’s nee fish in there like!” He couldn’t be more wrong, maybe the comment said more about anglers’ rivercraft.

Below we have more evidence of why you shouldn’t believe all the tales you hear on the river bank.

Here we see evidence of another angler’s excellent day recorded on camera, including a Grayling and Trout up to 15 inches.

It was suggested recently that otters are taking more fish than anglers so its not worth fishing, yet a wise old man once shared the thought that  “if you don’t have predators, you don’t have fish.”


The Kingfisher. A sure sign of plentiful food supplies.

Fishing at Willington you can expect to see Kingfishers and Dippers at one end of the scale and Otters at the other.

All three are an indication of healthy waters with plentiful food and the envy of others.

Otters, like Kingfishers and Dippers need clean water and plenty of food to thrive. So, if Kingfishers, Dippers and Otters are doing fine and anglers are enjoying some great sport, I guess that must mean the river is in pretty good condition with plenty to fish for.

So if you hear a phrase such as : “There’s nee fish in there like !” you see that flash of orange and neon blue with a dipper bobbing up and down nearby, remember this, don’t believe all the tales you hear on the riverbank.

Tight Lines

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