Non Native Species; Check: Clean:Dry.

Check those rods, clean your lines and load your reels. The trout season is almost here and as you prepare your tackle please remember the dangers of non-native species.

Red Clawed Crayfish have been found in the Wear, we would not want to spread those to other waters which are not affected. At the same time we do not want to see other dangerous species such as Killer Shrimp arrive here.

So please remember: CLEAN : CHECK : DRY. as the starting point to avoid spreading non-native species on your fishing tackle, waders or clothing.

The leaflet and more information is available from, amongst others, the Angling Trust and is shown here.


Stop check1

Take care, protect our own river and just as important if your fish other waters do not spread any problems to them.

Tight Lines in 2016.

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