Some People Think It’s All Over But…

Well, the rain came, the river rose, and rose, and kept on rising. A few hardy souls braved the high water but otherwise mother nature finished our season with a hint of irony. Too much water.

So , that’s it all over then, The Trout Season went by and now the Salmon Season has closed, except for one important thing. Don’t forget it is compulsary to send a Catch return to the EA if you have a Migratory Fish licence, do it now before you forget.

Also the club asked for your catch returns, particulary in respect of Triploid Trout, marked with a black spot.

BLack Spot identifies our Triploid Trout

BLack Spot identifies our Triploid Trout

It really is beneficial to know what has been caught, we are trying to plan a stocking policy to ensure great fishing for all , it really helps if we have good information to work with.

A catch return form is provided on this site or in your membership book, please make the effort to return one version or the other.

Thank You.

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