Pink Salmon Found in the Wear.

Pink Salmon have been found in the Tyne and now in the Wear. If a Pink Salmon is caught, DO NOT RETURN it to the river.

Pink salmon2

Pink Salmon caught in the River Wear

Pink Salmon caught in the River Wear

Anglers should kill any Pink Salmon that they catch, which are an invasive species in this country.

How To Identify: Pink Salmon adults are actually steel blue to blue-green along the back, grading into silver along the sides and white on the belly. There are large black spots above the lateral line and on the dorsal, adipose and tail fins. As the males ripen they develop a kype and the typical “Pacific” hooked snout, with a gaping mouth and a huge hump in front of the dorsal fin. Much of the body takes on an overall pink hue, except the head and anterior ventral surface, which become a grey-green. The shape of the ripening female does not change too much, but she also becomes very pink with a grey head.

Please see the information from Chester-le-Street Angling Club.

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