Congratulations Cieran & Seth : W&DAC 2015 Millenium Trophy Joint Winners.

It was previously announced that we had a single winner for this trophy, however some exceptional circumstances have been found which result in the trophy being jointly awarded to Cieran and Seth.

We must commend our junior members for a little history which was made prior to the start of the competition, Seth Johnson, Cieran O’Dowd and Chelsea-Leigh Myers agreed that it was not necessary to kill fish in order to win a trophy, they agreed that fish could be verified and released however the arrangements for this had not been considered properly in advance ( by the seniors), as a result it was not realistic to judge their catches correctly. After further consideration it is confirmed that these two young anglers are joint winners. They will share the trohpy over the course of the year and each will recieve a “replica”

Well done for taking that initiative, as a result of which the club will now take a fresh look at the possibility of incorporating Catch and Release into our competitions.

Unfortunately last years winner, Dylan Clegg, was unable to attend the re-arranged event. Huge respect to Chelsea, who despite very difficult conditions, with a gusting wind, persevered with fly. Well done Chelsea, many more experienced anglers would have failed to match your effort. Seth and Cieran each took three fish on worm.

Congratulations to Seth Johnson and Cieran O’Dowd our 2015 champions.

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