Another Trout Season Closes

March 22nd 2015 seems a long way off as another Trout Season closes on the river. We’ve had some excellent sport with fish reported over 2lb and many more good fish not too far behind.

The 2nd stocking went in a little late because of water conditions earlier in the year but they held in our waters very well with great fishing right up to the end of September but it was not only the stockies which provided the good sport.

We now have October to enjoy fishing for migratories. I have reports that the river has a good number of Sea Trout lying in the pools but have been very difficult to tempt in the recent water conditions. We need to hope for a change in the weather to bring through a good salmon run and finish the season in style.

There is a link at the side of the page which will take you to the Met Office weather forecast if you want to look ahead. Maybe a rain dance would be a better bet.

The Upstream Fish Counts will be published in the next few days and again a link on this page can take you to that EA site.

Thanks for reading, please remember to “follow” this site, you will then receive an e-mail whenever it is updated AND tell other anglers. As a new site we need to spread awareness among all club members.


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