Fly of the Month

What would be your fly of the month?

What are the best flies for the river Wear in April or, do you just have a favourite fly for no rhyme or reason. I am fascinated by the Durham Ranger, never fished it, never tried to tie it but maybe it will feature later.

We have introduced a new feature which it is hoped will be of interest to some, helpful to others and add another reason to use this site.

Under the tab FLY OF THE MONTH you will find the initial offerings for March of the Partridge and Orange Spider and The GRHE Nymph.

The more experienced members of this club are the experts, we’d like to share that expertise with others who are new to fly fishing or new to tying flies, so please tell us, what flies would you like to see featured, how do you prefer to fish them and what patterns do you use?


Right now we would like your favourite flies for Willington waters in April. The aim is to feature one or two flies each month, relevant to the time of year and the fish we are seeking as the season progresses. Maybe your favourite Trout flies in the early part, Sea Trout as we move into the summer months , Salmon later and Grayling flies for the winter.

Please get in touch to share your favourites and your knowledge.

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