Clarification of Grayling Tickets.

We have had a request to clarify the new Winter Grayling Permit.

This is not an extra charge on top of your membership. As a club member you are able to fish for Grayling throughout the winter on your normal club membership.

The new Winter Grayling Permit creates an opportunity for non members to fish the club waters for Grayling between November 1st and March 15th. The hope is that this introduction to our waters will encourage such anglers to become full members in the coming season. 

While Brown Trout has long been the mainstay of our fishing we now enjoy much more diversity. Salmon and Sea Trout are of course very important to us and Grayling fishing has now become quite prominent.

Your club membership allows you to enjoy all of theses aspects within their own seasons. You may see the season referred to as the 2018/19 Season, this more accurately reflects the fact that your membership allows you to fish all year round, subject to close seasons for individual species. 

So, no need to spend the winter all cooped-up at home, itching to get out. You can do it. Maybe not quite so much fun if we have a repeat of the Beast from The East.

Tight Lines.


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