Former Strictly Star and England Rugby Captain Matt Dawson Had Heart Surgery After a Tick Bite in a London Park.

A few weeks ago we brought you a reminder of the risk of tick bites, whether you’re out there fishing or enjoying the countryside in summer. The link below will take you to the story of Matt Dawson who is now eager to raise awareness of this issue.

Matt Dawson Tick Bite Experience

There’s no need to over react but please take a little time to look at Matt Dawson’s story and then think about a few simple precautions.

A Deer Tick

  • Ticks drop or crawl onto animals and humans from trees, bushes and undergrowth. If you’re out in these areas the simplest precaution is to cover bare skin.
  • Consider carrying a tick removal tool available from many pet shops.
  • If you are bitten and/or suffer any of the symptoms tell your GP about the bite and that you are at risk of Lyme Disease.
  • Early treatment with antibiotics makes all the difference.


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