Recent Catches

An angler has shared a superb session with us. We really are seeing some great fish caught, both wild fish and stocked. The best wild fish reported so far is estimated at approx. 3lbs.

A fish to bend any rod

All fish taken on dry fly at Willington. If you look closely you will see a mixture of wild fish and stockies.

Who says stockies don’t take dry fly?


One comment

  1. What a pity to miss out on the pleasure of fishing.

    Otters are present up and down the river and quite wide-spread across the region. BUT as a wise old sage once told me — if you don’t have predators, you don’t have fish.

    It would be great if the otters would leave the fish alone but they are a sign of very healthy water.

    Just to add , anglers are reporting some of their best fish for years this season. This would suggest that the balance of nature is good enough in our waters to both feed predators and allow the fish to thrive.

    Please pass the good news to your friend, our waters are in better condition than they have been for some time.

    Tight Lines, WACAC


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