Great Day at Jubilee Lakes

The weather was perfect with blue sky, a light breeze and sunshine.

When I arrived at Jubilee Lakes everything was set up ready to go, a quick chat in Anglers Lodge with Sandra then out to listen and learn.

With plenty of rods and lines set up everyone was able to enjoy a cast and take in some hints and tips, from beginners enjoying basic instruction and help to more experienced casters getting a feel of the rods and lines. Advice was readily given and rods available to practice while the experts demonstrated their art superbly and explained the array of rods, lines and kits on the market.

Of course it was April Fools Day and early in the afternoon the heavens opened on the anglers assembled, a great opportunity to run for cover to Anglers Lodge where I listened as further advice was given about those very same products and much more beside.

I couldn’t hang around myself which was probably a blessing for my wallet but I saw enough to recommend that as soon as you see this event advertised again you should put some time aside. You know you deserve it.

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