Catch Returns



Both PDF and EXCEL forms are provided here for your convenience, all information is gratefully received. Thank You .

Another season over for Game Anglers. Trout, Salmon and Sea Trout get to do what Trout , Salmon and Sea Trout do over the winter without being bothered by anglers, however we still have a few things to do. You may be cleaning down your lines, drying tackle and storing it away neatly or maybe just sticking it out of sight. Perhaps you’ll be at the vice topping up the fly box with your favourite patterns.

One thing not to forget is to send in your catch returns.

Completing your EA catch return (Migratory Fish) is a requirement of your licence so don’t forget that one. For your convenience a link is provided at the side of the page where you can do this on-line. Failing that we can expect a letter through the door with a paper version to complete and return by post.

PLEASE DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR CLUB. Your catch return for fish caught on our waters is valuable to us for a number of reasons. Planning our own stocking policy or seeking action or support from the EA and Angling Trust is always helped with good information.

We would really like information about stocked and non stocked fish plus Grayling. We are trying to assess the quality of our waters for winter Grayling fishing, so anyone who is able to get out their please let us know how you get on over the winter but just as important how many Grayling (and how big) did you catch this year.



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