American Skunk Cabbage

The problem with non-native invasive species can often be that we wait until they take over before we try to act. Prevention must be better, easier and cheaper than cure.

In the case of American Skunk Cabbage problems have escalated in other parts of the country in recent years and action is now needed to reverse this. Introduced to this country as a decorative water garden plant they have the potential to smother out other native plants, similar to Himalayan Balsam, and leave the river banks open to erosion.


Decorative Garden Plant


American Skunk Cabbage1

Potential Future problem

The American Skunk Cabbage is not yet a problem on our waters, let’s aim to keep it that way. If you do come across these plants on our waters (hopefully you never will) please report this to the club and to the EA. The roots should be dug out fully. (Damaged rhizome roots will re-grow). 

If you are a gardener and have them growing then if you ever decide to remove or reduce them the waste needs to be rotted down carefully and not added to compost or your garden re-cycling bin. This will cause spreading.

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